An Update on Our Self-Portrait

I had troubles starting off, spending a good hour doing stuff and completely erasing it. I do, however, think this was good for me because it made me look more closely at my self.

I had this at first until Nell talked to me about my direction.

Then I had this….

and after our most recent class, I have this…

As of now...

Epic, right?

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Tiny Animals

We had a project where we were to create tiny animals (fantastical or real) out of things we finds, etc. The catch is that they all had to have a power. So, since I love cats, I knew my animals would be cats. However, I would make them special cats. I knew I would be working with sculpy, so I let color define everything. I had blue colors for my first animal and green, pink, and orange for my second. Obviously, the first was water and the second land. I used yarn in their heads to both, hold the wire together, and because they are cats, and cats love yarn. =]

-Felinius aqua (the blue one)- A water cat whose power is to change shape. Master of disguise, it is blue to blend in with the water and made of unbaked sculpy for easier body manipulation.

-Felinius terranus (the pink, orange, and green one)- An amphibian cat that resembles the poison dart frog in color. Its ability is poison and it it brightly colored to represent its poison abilities.

I explained to the class that I let color dictate my actions and decisions instead of material. The feedback I got of them was that they are very colorful and vibrant and that I had the colors spot on fro what i was trying to achieve. I also got that they are very child-like and cute, which is what I was aiming for, which made me happy. =]

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Photos of Our Antonyms

I must say that I had a lot of difficulty finding one for dignified because all of the things here turn inward instead of outward, so I couldn’t find a picture for dignified.

I did, however find one for vulgar. It is a oil mark on the pavement, which is vulgar in and of itself. It looks almost exactly like my vulgar drawing.

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Antonyms – Vulgar/Dignified

After the documentary experience, the next class we got a pair of words that were antonyms. Or job is to create simplistic renderings of these words. This project is extremely hard and I had to brainstorm about the meaning of my words, what my words represent, images my word conjures up., etc. I made many thumbnails sketches of this and a couple of to-scale renderings of my ideas. I tried out many different mediums from sharpie, to pan, to pencil, to charcoal. I wasn’t getting anywhere and I had trouble. I know that for vulgar was going to use charcoal because it was dirty and gritty. And I finally decided on ink as well. For dignified, I had immense difficulty. I ended up going with my idea of a gate you would find at a rich persons house. with upright lines that start to curve out. (thumbnail and final pic coming soon)

To-Scale Examples

Dignified Thumbnail

Dignified/Vulgar Thumbnail (Half & Half)

Dignified Thumbnail

Vulgar Thumbnail

At the critique, people chose the ones I would have chosen. After the critique of my choices, someone suggested that I might turn in the direction of the curve for dignified, and I tried that and hated it. Since that was the only criticism, I just went with what I had and perfected it to how I wanted. People in general liked my vulgar, because it was vulgar.

At the final critique, we got into a group to decided what unified our 2 words. I decided that the lines going up in down in my charcoal in the vulgar made it bold and upright just like the sharpie in dignified. Also, the scale of both is similar. Unified in how bold they are.

Final Product

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Artists from the Documentary…

After watching the documentary Art:21, we got some information on a few modern artists and how they operate.

The first artist was Richard Serra. His artwork comprises of gigantic sculptures made out of steel. They are typically designed in a coil shape or pillar or a pathway. All of them are designed to be walked though so people can experience them inside and out. When I found out that his sculptures were made from steel, I was surprised, they look like wood from the natural, earthy colors they are. I enjoy his art and i would like to walk through one and try and make an echo. XD

Vortex, 2002

The next artist discussed was Sally Mann. I had previously only heard of her because of the child pornography issue. I had never seen her work. But aside from that, I really love her approach to art. She just captures what she likes and kind of makes fun of those who say that her artwork has a deeper meaning. I also appreciate that she develops her own film and makes her own lenses for her old camera. I think that is a really neat profession and skill to have because it makes everything you do completely you (or her in this case, lol). I thought it was interesting how her children spoke of her as an artist, and said they lost a mother because of her art. That is a sad realization, even though Sally was expressing her motherly qualities through her art.

The last artists are Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen. The documentary was about them as individual artists and as partners in graffiti art. They are both strong believers in graffiti as an art because it tells more about a society than would commercialized art. Barry McGee confessed that he feels like sort of a sell-out for making art for hire, because he was underground and defined for street art. While I see no problem with graffiti, I actually like it and think it is beautiful art, I think this is the wrong way to look at art in general. Art shouldn’t be seen as above or under-ground, but as art. I appreciate them as artists and what the are trying to achieve, and their system is cute for letting each other know when they are about to get caught, and they are amazing as artists. And I also appreciate their sentiments towards handmade art as opposed to digitized art. It makes it more authentic.

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ON TO THE NEXT PROJECTS…. Open Ended Prompts

I chose the option of making a garden without flowers. I had a really long/short thinking process of how I was going to pull this off. I brainstormed what I was going to do and I had the ideas of a glass garden (like you see with colored glass and things like that) and a rock garden. I didn’t know where I would find colored glass, so I went with the boring idea of a rock garden.

I made a frame for my garden out of balsa wood. It may look very simple, but this took FOREVER to make and wood glue takes FOREVER to dry. Because the balsa wood was a little warped, and I would be putting sand in the frame, I put felt cloth on the bottom to trap excess sand and block open spaces between the wood. I left the alone and I planned to find rocks over the weekend but THERE ARE NO ROCKS ON CAMPUS! How is there a campus without rocks? That makes no sense. So I had to brainstorm new ideas when I saw my old locker mirror. With that, I figured I would have my glass garden with a mirror, which reflects so much else.

Once I get my presentation of it, the class had many interesting interpretations of it that I had never thought of, and some that I did. Some said that they liked the finished/unfinished quality of it because sand is refined into glass. Other said that the garden is a reflection of wherever the piece is, because it reflects the space around it.

Next to my piece, on the left is Sarah’s garden. I thought it was a great contrast to mine, she had water colors and pressed flowers. Hers is softer and brighter than mine. Compared to hers mine is harsh and jagged even though the garden itself is just the fragmented reflection of what it around it.

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Another project – Negative Space

So, we had a project where we had to draw a super complicated still life of tubes and boxes but its negative spaces. I thought that that blind contour helped me before, but me and this project got into a fight and we were not friends….AT ALL. Nell even came to me when I was sitting down and glaring at it. She said, ” What are you doing?” and when I told her that I was communicating with my piece and telling it that I hate it, she laughed and told me I needed to love it. -.- Which was a hard task, but my art and I decided to be civil towards each other until the project was over.

This is the progress I made on what I consider the first day (not where we just put the center mark on it). I made the tube at the top to wide though..

This is what I was looking at… I liked that piece of film outline; it was very helpful.

So, because I hated this project because it was stressful and I wanted everything as acurate as possible, I got caught up in fixing things instead of completing it. I ended up with this.

I am actually happy with this. I think that because I had such a struggle with it, it made me a lot happier with what I accomplished with it. I think my perception and ability to make it realistic is improving with each project, and with this struggle, I am a lot further.

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